The most innovative means

Such an important extraction activity requires an efficient processing structure, able to process the product in line with the strictest quality requirements.

With this in mind, processing rooms in the Canaries and Valencia, recently joined by one in the Ria of Vigo in the Bouzas quay, work under a commitment to technological innovation and care in quality control.

The new Vigo plant has two main functions: logistics and product processing. The logistics area involves a coldstore with 21,000 m3 of storage space or 4,800 pallet spaces. The most outstanding characteristics here are computerized management with computers using radiofrequency, and mobile stacking shelves – the longest of their kind in Spain.

Product processing at the new plant involves two continuous freezing lines, each with a production capacity of 1,500 kg. per hour; high speed freezing tunnels; filleting lines with computerized yield control; freezing systems with temperature controlled at 0ºC; and the latest generation of machinery for weighing, grading and packing.

Incorporation of leading edge technology makes if possible for the new Freiremar processing division to guarantee a real production capacity of 1,500 tonnes of fish per month.